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Middle Child Returns with Another Impressive Single, Reality

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Los Angeles DJ Artist Dan Larson, also known by stage name Middle Child, continues a stream of fantastic releases with the unveiling of his latest single Reality. This is the artist’s third single released this year after Understand and PCH. With the latest track, he continues to prove that he is capable of creating chart-topping greatness.

The new song by Middle Child is written on guitar as a tribute to Ravi Zacharias, one of the greatest Christian Apologists, author, teacher and preacher. In Reality, he incorporates some of Ravi Z.’s wise words about music.

“The thing about music is that it is the language of the soul. You can argue philosophically in many ways but music brings the emotion into reality.” As the track comes to close, there’s nearly a full minute of sonic exploration with new sounds and textures.

Middle child has substantially shifted gears to bring an infectiously electronic single to fruition. He has turned listeners’ attention toward serving up a bright and lively set of synths. He hopes that his music speaks to them and will be able to cheer them. He also inspires others to create some extraordinary music.

Middle Child has a number of single releases under his belt. Last year, his solo “Mercy” passed half a million streams on Spotify. The Californian based singer and songwriter is fast at work on the launch of his next single.

About the Artist

Dan Larson, also known as Middle Child, was born in Boston. He was then raised in Madrid, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. The 29-year-old artist found his natural talent from a very young age while he was playing guitar. He started his musical journey when he was just 10 years old. He has been creating music since then.

Child has played in various bands, had made beats and rapped before getting into the field of Electronics Dance Music (EDM), mainly dubstep or trap music. It was in 2014, when he decided to go for the project Middle Child, by incorporating a bit of each of his musical influences. With this he was able to explore a more emotional and melodic style of music.

What drives the artist to create his masterpieces is his faith. Child says that it is his faith that keeps him going and that gives him hope and a purpose to produce sensational works.

The singer has more than 20k followers on Twitter and more than 27k on Instagram. This makes almost all of his tracks finding a way to thousands of listeners. He also has nearly 167k monthly listeners on Spotify.

To know more about the artist, listen to his latest track, visit:


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